In a bar…

A sociologist (S), an economist (E), an anthropologist (A), a political scientist (P), a historian (H) and a random dude (D) walk into a bar.

P: sh*t, Trump just got elected.

D: Yeah, you predicted Clinton would win.

S: It’s time to look at the white working class that is forgotten by the establishment.

D: Finally you think about something that is about neither the minority nor the left.

A: Can you just let America alone? Don’t judge the American society by the standards of your society. Cultures are relative!!!

D: I would leave it alone if America was in another planet and had nothing to do with my country.

H: I knew it all along. There have been some precedents in the past. Hitler!

D: Yeah you only knew it after it happened. How about really predicting the future accurately based on your past lessons?

E: Let me draw some graphs and solve some equations to predict the economic outcomes.

D: Please don’t miss anything important like the time you missed the financial crisis…

P/S: Just for fun weeheeeeee~

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